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The worlds leading electric light vehicle motor expert Jinyuxing,has been focusing on electric light vehicle motors since 2002, leading the world in sales and has won more than 40 million user choices. The sales volume in 2020 exceeded 10 million units,and the market share reached 26%. Enterprise development planning Jinyuxing has a very clear and targeted strategic plan for the future. Under the brand strategic positioning of "the worlds leading electric light vehicle motor expert", it has four manufacturing bases and is moving towards the goal of going public in the next 3-5 years. From several major perspectives such as products and brands, "Good products ·look at Taizhou", "Good products · made in Taizhou", intensively cultivate and develop the road of strategic development of enterprises and brands.
Independent innovation research and development All around the product,Jinyuxing will continue to make progress in independent innovation,research and development, and continue to develop and upgrade products to form motor products with unique characteristics of Jinyuxing.At the same time,Jinyuxing will further expand the product system and improve the product structure. Products cover national standards, electric mopeds, electric motorcycles, and high-speed electric motorcycles, scooters, intelligent drive motors (self balancing scooters, AGV, intelligent robots, mobility vehicles for special people) and logistics sorting systems, etc., are truly motor experts in the field of electric light vehicles.
Develop brand strategy For a long time in the past, Jinyuxing did more on product research and development, optimization and upgrading. Jinyuxing always insisted that products are the primary productivity, relying on products to form a strong reputation and competitiveness in the market. More or less, ignores the systematic construction and spread of the brand. It is said that the brand is the most favorable trader in market competition. After formulating a comprehensive and reasonable brand strategy, Jinyuxing will continue to systematically build the brand at the brand level according to the development of the industry and its own reality. Media communication, Internet mobile new media, etc. are integrated and promoted, moving towards the strategic goal of "the worlds leading electric light vehicle motor expert".
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