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Leading global sales More electric light vehicles in the world use Jinyuxing for driving motors.
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According to relevant statistics, the global sales of electric light vehicles (electric two-wheelers, scooters, selfbalancing scooters) in 2020 were about 60 million units, and Jinyuxing’s overall sales account for 16%, which is far ahead of the global sales. View details
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Leading patented technology Mastering the core motor technology,won more than 100 national patents
Jinyuxing masters the core motor technology of electric light vehicle and has won more than 100 related patents. Jinyuxing has mastered the core technology of high-power motors as early as 2005, much earlier than its peers.In 2020,Jinyuxing took the lead in successfully develop a "salient pole motor" with stronger power and higher electric energy conversion rate, and realize mass production, laying a leading position in the field of electric light vehicle motors. View details
Leading strict quality Strict selection of first-class suppliers for components, 3-year warranty, 5-year non-destructive
Jinyuxing insisted on the concept of quality first for 20 years. Each motor component and raw material are strictly selected from domestic first-class suppliers. 100% quality inspection of components, lower motor failure rate, and quality much higher than domestic peers,is well praised by customers. Jinyuxing promises: 3-year warranty, 5-year non-destructive View details
Leading big-brand supporting More big-name electric light vehicles, strategic supporting priority to choose Jinyuxing
Selected high-quality raw materials, mastered core technology to achieve the best quality of the worlds leading motor supporting well-known enterprises.Jinyuxing is the priority strategic partner for big-name electric light vehicles.Jinyuxing has established comprehensive strategic cooperative relations with Aima which is the worlds leading electric two-wheeled enterprise, TAILG which is the first-tier electric vehicle brand, Niu which is the leader of intelligent lithium electric vehicle, Ninebot, the leader of electric self balancing vehicle and scooter, and Ninebot motors which is the worlds famous intelligent lithium electric vehicle brand.Jinyuxing motor has achieved the reputation of the best quality motor supporting manufacturer, far ahead of the industry. View details
Leading global sales
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