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More professional experience
Jinyuxing has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of electric light vehicle motors for 20 consecutive years, accumulating more motor solutions, adapting to more application scenarios, helping customers overcome countless technical problems and quality traps, understanding customer needs, and having a more professional vision. Jinyuxing is the worlds well-deserved electric light vehicle motor expert.
Adapt to more Applications
Understand of customer needs better
More professional vision
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Leading professional manufacture Four leading manufacturing bases, the worlds leading production capacity and supply capacity
Jinyuxing has four leading manufacturing bases in Huangyan, Jiaojiang, Sichuan and Tianjin. As early as 2013, it was the first to introduce industry-leading automated manufacturing equipment, including automatic winding machines, intelligent inspection integrated machines, etc. With an annual production capacity of more than 30 million units, it is the worlds largest supplier of electric light vehicle motors with the largest production capacity and strongest supply capacity. View details
Leading professional solution Accurately match customer needs, leading the world in professional customized development capabilities
Jinyuxing insists that customer needs come first, and is the first motor company in the country to implement customized development. Jinyuxing has an industry-leading customized development team, which can develop accurate matching solutions in time for the unique needs of customers. Jinyuxing works side by side with customers for joint research and development all year round, and develops more than 200 new motors every year. View details
Professional and considerate service From R&D to delivery seamlessly, customer satisfaction far exceeds that of international brands
Jinyuxings caring service runs through the entire process of pre-development, sample, mass production, delivery, after-sales, etc., and important customers set up special personnel to serve in the factory. Thanks to its considerate service reputation, Jinyuxing has maintained rapid growth for 20 consecutive years, with an average growth rate of more than 50%, and customer satisfaction far surpasses that of international brands. View details
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